bear creek brothers


Where We’ve Been

  • Humble beginnings -The band was first formed by Dylan Wright and Kevin Vermillion who come from Mid-Michigan (Leslie and Bath respectively). Through a loose connection of family friends, they barely knew each other. It was only over an online post that they discovered their mutual love of Country. Dylan came home from Tennessee (where he was living at the time) to visit with Kevin for a weekend. They practiced for half an hour, then played their first show at The Wooden Nickel in Dansville, MI. It was then and there that the Bear Creek Brothers were formed. 

Where We Are

  • Courageous enough to struggle - 4 years removed from their first gig, BCB has transformed from a duo into a full band of brothers. The band features Dylan Wright, Kevin Vermillion, Seth Rentfrow, William Johnston and Brandon Wiggers. Starting out as a duo playing small bars and restaurants in Michigan, BCB has come a long way. D and KP decided to start playing full band gigs in Michigan in 2014. That's when Seth made his debut with the band. KP and Seth were in a pop punk band (Way to Fall) for many years prior, allowing the chemistry in BCB to be immediate. After a year of playing gigs all over the state and country the 3 decided it was time to head south. Shortly after Dylan, Kevin and Seth moved to Nashville, Tennessee they met met William (drummer). The 3 knew right away that Will would be a perfect fit for the band. It was through Will that the final piece of the puzzle was added, Brandon (lead guitar). They’ve been featured on local radio, played shows all over the country and have opened for acts such as Montgomery Gentry, Joe Diffie, Clint Black, Collin Raye, The Band Perry, Parmalee, Old Dominion, Granger Smith, Chase Rice and many more. Three of the band members (D, KP, Seth) have also recently signed publishing deals with Kim McLean Music. The Bear Creek Brothers constantly seek to inspire everyone to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. “The things we do are literal.” 

Where We’re Going

  • Step outside the box and chase your dream -  The Bear Creek Brothers are doing just that. Not only seeking to inspire but also to expand their repertoire, songwriting capabilities, and overall reach. There is a near constant effort to draw from new and differing sources of inspiration. Ultimately, the Bear Creek Brothers seek to shift the paradigm of lyrical content within contemporary Country; all the while maintaining the spirit of old as a driving force. The future is exceptionally bright. While optimism is at an all time high, the Bear Creek Brothers will continue to stay humble, work hard, inspire others, and most importantly, put God atop the family tree.